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The white house is known as the house of the presidents starting from John Adams he was the first president to have stayed in the white house in 1800. He wrote, "May none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof!" George Washington laid the cornerstone in 1792, he never had the opportunity to have stayed in the white house.

The white house was burnt in 1814 during the presidency of James Madison and restored for living in 1817 during the presidency of James Monroe.

The development of the house of the presidents grew slowly, during the presidency of James Polk's tenure (1845-49), gas lights were added. Electricity was installed in the white house in 1891 during the presidency of Benjamin Harrison. In 1877 a telephone was installed during the presidency Rutherford Hayes.

Washington DC, Easter Egg Roll hunt started during Rutherford B. Hayes presidency in 1878.

The presidential letterhead began with Theodore Roosevelt's time, Theodore Roosevelt also had the west wing built in 1902 which provided the first news-room for reporters. Theodore Roosevelt was the first president to leave the United States, traveling to panama in 1906. Things really started to look up in the 19th century. Auto mobile came in during the tenure of William Howard Taft.
Woodrow Wilson was the first to go to Europe. Warren G Harding was the first to broadcast a speech by radio.
The first airplane used by a chief executive was Franklin D Roosevelt.

The first swimming pool built at the White House was completed in 1933 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The pool was built in the West Wing.

Harry Truman was the first to deliver an address from the white house by television.

Bowling alley was installed in the west wing as a birthday gift to President Harry Truman in 1947.

Computers were introduced into the white house during Richard Nixon's tenure.

President Richard Nixon had a one lane bowling alley installed in 1969.

An outdoor pool was built in 1975 during the presidency of Gerald Ford.

The first Afro-American president Barack Obama added the first basketball court on the south lawn of the White House.

There's a lot to know about the president's and how they lived in the white house and the growth of the white house, how it expanded and the famous and none famous people who visited the white house. The Queen of England and the pope have visited the white house.

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